My name is Lyndsey Adamo. I am an adventurer, a writer, an artist, and a deep feeler. I have always loved art and been passionate about people. When I received hand-me-down camera on my 16th birthday, I knew it would be a long time passion, however, it wasn't until the birth of my sweet daughter that I truly fell in love with the art. There was something about capturing real life in a still photograph that intrigued me to the fullest extent: the way a single photograph can evoke so much emotion, nostalgia, and feeling. I quickly started taking photographs of our life and of the lives around me. 

My aim is to take honest photographs of life, not as we wish it would be or think it should look like on social media, but as it truly is; to take photographs of your children the way you see them, of your wedding just as you remember it, and of the depth of love that you feel within the embrace of your loved ones. In a world that has unknowingly numbed itself to true emotion, my aim is to take photographs that make you feel.